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What's on

The War Museum presents: the new Gedenkuitgawe Bundle.

The War Museum presents: the new Gedenkuitgawe Bundle. The bundle consists of 3 books: Gedenkuitgawe: Wedervaringe van vrouens en kinders in die konsentrasiekampe en te velde gedurende die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902 ; Gedenkuitgawe 2: Wedervaringe van kinders gedurende die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902 and Gedenkuitgawe 3: Op Kommando Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902. This is a one of a kind collection of true stories, most which has never been published before. It is a must-have book for any Anglo-Boer War enthusiast and will make a great present. The books can be purchased at the reception desk or it can even be posted country wide. For more information about purchasing and posting, please contact Jane Kok (jane@anglo-boer.co.za) / 051 447 3447.

Please note that while Gedenkuitgawe 2 & 3 can be purchased separately, Gedenkuitgawe 1 is only available in the Bundle. There is also a limited amount of bundles available.


Gedenkuitgawe Bundle (books 1-3): R 950
Gedenkuitgawe 2: R300
Gedenkuitgawe 3: R350

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Posted: 2016/11/17 (11:58:29 AM)


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