Outside Exhibits

Outside Exhibits

Several noteworthy exhibits are situated on the terrain of the Museum.

Garden of Remembrance (Roodt Architects, 2015)

The garden of Remembrance was established to give specific recognition to women and children who died in concentration camps and in the field during the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa between 1899 and 1902. There were 140 154 women, children and men in 65 camps for black people, and 144 944 in 49 camps for white people respectively. The names of the deceased that are known are represented alphabetically, indicating their age and gender (where known). List of Concentration camp deaths during the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 compiled by Celeste Reynolds.

National Women’s Memorial

(Sculpture group by Anton van Wouw, Monument designed by Frans Soff, 1913)

Banneling / Exile

(Danie de Jager, 1983)

Afskeid / Farewell

(Danie de Jager, 1986)

Bittereinder / Die Hard

(Danie de Jager, 1994)

Agterryer / Attendant

(Phill Minnaar, 2013)

Rundle House

(Relocated in 2021)

Bethulie Monument


Wall commemorating Burgher deaths on Commando


Symbolic Cemetery


Paardeberg Museum

(Relocated in 2019)

Replica of the 155mm Creusot gun known as the Long Tom



(British 1899-1902)

Train and Water tank


Garrison Hospital

(British 1899-1902)

Doll’s House

(1914-1918 Rebellion)

Pres Steyn Statue

(Relocated in 2020)

Replica 5 inch Armstrong Garrison Gun of the Royal Garrison Artillery


Artwork: Monument

(Jan van der Merwe, 2013)

Dam of Reconciliation


Childrens Monument and Labyrinth


British Thresh and Watercart

(1899 to 1902)

Transport Vehicles

(1899 – 1902)