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Knowledge is power. The Museum strives to teach children about this devastating war that formed an integral part of our country’s history, through Curriculum (CAPS) based programmes and activities covering various relevant subject fields such as History, Geography and Life Sciences.

Exciting educational programmes and tours are available on request.

The Museum’s website, under the heading Research, provides various articles and information about the Anglo-Boer War, its causes and what exactly happened – when, where and how. It is perfect for school projects and assignments and gives a more in-depth knowledge about particular subjects.

For bookings contact:
Educational Officer: Louis Venter,

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Online Olympiad

During the time of the pandemic, the Museum was unable to have an in-person School Olympiad and therefore decided to create an online Olympiad, so that schools from across South Africa, and indeed the world, could have access to this educational experience. The Olympiad is based on the CAPS curriculum, but gives additional information regarding the subject. It is a fun way to learn new information, or to test your knowledge. New Olympiads will be added per annum.
The Olympiad is hosted on Academi.

The Holo-Museum

The Museum is proud to announce that in collaboration with Perception and Greater Translogic Advisory Services, we have participated in the Holo-Museum as part of the ground breaking “The Morpheus Project”. The Morpheus Project Living Metaverse is an open-world combining NFT arts & cultural artefacts with education, gaming and socialising. In this open-world, there are different virtual Museums with objects on exhibition. What do the exhibits look like? They’re 3D scans of real-life arts, artefacts and experiences, which are preserved in Museums around the world. The War Museum is featured as one of these virtual Museums. The objects on show includes a spinning wheel, a horse-and-cart wooden carving, a heliograph and a British chocolate tin. Each object can be seen as a hologram
when wearing 3D glasses and there is also information about the object available.

Perception’s unique Desktop AR technology – the innovation behind the Holo-Museum – represents an exciting and cost-effective solution for museums and heritage organisations. Once digitised, artworks and artefacts can be converted into 3D representations that leap from the screen, requiring nothing more than the Desktop AR app and a pair of cheap 3D glasses. The ease of accessibility offered by Holo-Museum provides a stark contrast to costly Virtual Reality headsets and other 3D immersive platforms. Other notable museums to have already showcased exhibitions on Holo-Museum include The Hunt Museum, EPIC-The Irish Emigration Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Science Museums in the UK and Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography.

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