President Paul Kruger

Display Hall: President Paul Kruger

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President S.J.P. (Paul) Kruger was the President of the South African Republic also known as the Transvaal. The ultimatum that led to the start of the Anglo-Boer War was issued by him on 9 October 1899. Two of the displays in this hall focus respectively on the lives of President Kruger as well as President M.T. Steyn of the Orange Free State Republic.

One section of the Kruger Hall depicts the suffering of the women and children and the conditions in the white concentration camps. More than 27 000 women, children and men perished in these concentration camps.

The other section of the Kruger Hall focus on the approximately 31 000 men who were captured and sent to the prisoner of war camps in South Africa, St. Helena, Ceylon, Bermuda and India.

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